The video above was created by TBR-VE Certified Trainer Teri Frith. 

TBR-Virtual Edition

In this course, we will explore "brain science" (cognitive neuroscience) as it relates to learning in a virtual environment.  Using the foundation of six brain science principles and a four-step instructional design, we'll model at least 40 activities to engage learners.

The course consists of five virtual sessions that are two and a half hours long.  There will be about an hour and a half of required "homework" between each session.  All assignments must be completed to receive the TBR-VE Class Certificate of Completion awarded through Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. 


Course completers will be able to:

Required Materials

To participate in TBR-VE, each participant must have:

NOTE: Google Classroom and Google Meet will be used for this course.  A Google account is required to access Google Classroom.  The Google Meet Plus extension must also be installed to fully participate in breakout rooms.