Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR)

Propel provides this "globally acclaimed, interactive, skills-building class" for adult educators in NMHED-funded programs free of charge and may be available to others for a minimal fee.  This course explores how the brain works to learn using cognitive neuroscience concepts and provides a framework for effective instructional design.  This is the same course offered internationally and a certificate of completion is awarded through Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. There are two versions of Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR) based how the instructor delivers instruction.  One is for face-to-face instruction and the other (TBR-VE) is for those teaching virtually (live-streaming sessions).

Six Brain-Science Principles

Both versions of TBR include six principles of  brain science (cognitive neuroscience) based on the combined research of scientists, educators, psychologists, and technology experts.  By the end of the course, participants will be able to apply these principles and use teaching tools that will engage learners regardless of the topic and its complexity.  

Sharon Bowman more fully illustrates these principles in her book, Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.

The 4Cs: Four Steps for Designing and Delivering Instruction

Learn to use the 4Cs Map for designing and delivering instruction in either version of TBR.  This four-step process combined with over 40 engaging tools for delivering instruction will simplify your lesson planning and actively engage learners in a way that makes learning stick.  This map is effective for both face-to-face and live-streaming instruction.